Esben and the Witch #10 - Dig Your Fingers In


The last time I wrote about Esben and the Witch it was to rave about the behemoth "No Dog", now the trio return with the more subtle (that wouldn't be hard, in truth) "Dig Your Fingers In". The latest track to see the light from their new album A New Nature, due September 9th and available fromRough Trade amongst others.

"Dig Your Fingers In" deals in a delicate, spiritual world and is somewhat sparser than you are perhaps accustomed to from Esben, beginning with little more than soft, gentle ringing guitars patterns and Rachels' shiver-inducing vocal, the atmosphere is kept on edge through before climaxing with a brutal, raw crescendo of pummeling guitar noise.

Exceptional, but you probably didn't expect anything else.

Esben play London's Oslo next Thursday - I'm looking forward to it. Details.