Everything By Electricity #5 - Abyss


Very glad to welcome Everything By Electricity back to these pages again, as a long time follower - this is a band without any official release that I first mentioned here two and a half years ago - I keep wondering where they are /pi hong for a live return / release news. Now, perhaps we are nearing the time for those questions to be answered...

Last week the seemingly still London based trio reveled a new track "Abyss" and its a beauty, continuing with the retro-synth soundscapes heard on last years re-birth with Yulia's soft-focus vocals stealing the show amongst a swooning tapestry of glacial guitars, shimmering effects and propeller-like beats. Simply put it's utterly delicious.

I'm pretty sure I've asked EbE not to stay away from us for so long, I'm going to do so again.