Foxsmith - New Music "Introducing"


Brisbane quartet Foxsmith come to my attention on the back of their second single "Pentimento", a pretty ace introduction it is too, highlighting a sonically rich musical palette and an absolutely gorgeous vocal.

Initially the heart-beat of the track comes from the repeated rhythm of a marching drum beat and a rather nifty chiming guitar pattern before switching up at the minute mark to become a bass-led groove laden beauty in which the rich, sumptuous vocals melt hearts around the increasingly luscious melody.

Last years debut "Wake Up" is pretty different, poppier, more buoyant and bright with dancing keys, jumping bass and chiming guitars combining to infectious indie-pop enthusiasm amongst a vocal that keeps reminding me of Chrissie Hynde (and I'm not sure if that's just because I read it in an earlier comment or not, but I have to agree anyway). In any case, what we have below are two appealing tracks from a band well worth keeping an eye on.