Hella Better Dancer #6 - Like A Child


You'll probably know that this is a band close to my heart, Hella Better Dancer return with their deepest track yet, "Like A Child", due to be released via Beech Coma on a super limited compilation tape Vol. 2 (that also features Tilly's solo project Lazy Day and is available to pre-order via Bandcamp now.

It must come with the precursor, of course, "Like A Child" is great, captivating around spidery guitar patterns, creeping bass-heavy rhythms and Tilly's intoxicating vocals, 'pure good vibes' was the pre-song promise, and yes, vibes (and reverb) are delivered aplenty, check out that funky rhythm section and the intricate guitar patterns that builds to a fascinating finale of awesomeness (solos). Cheers, once again, guys.

Listen below and don't hang around with those pre-orders...