Itasca - Nature's Gift


My inbox has been substantially quieter these past few weeks and to be honest I prefer it that way, continually unsubscribing from unwanted lists and using to siphon non-personal emails is one way I cut back on the stuff I'm not likely to want (searching and removing reference to remix / hip-hop and rap is another!). It's one of the least enjoyable aspects of blogging but it's worth keeping your inbox open, up-to-date and read (kinda) for beauties like this. Just when you think the new music world has perhaps slipped into holiday mood something comes and knocks you off your feet....

Itasca is the project of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Kayla Cohen whom has been releasing limited releases for a few years now (according to her webpage, the name is new to me), my discovery point comes with "Nature's Gift", the first track taken from her forthcoming full length Unmoored By The Wind, due October 14th  via New Images. The track is a treat, a real shivers down the spine moment with never hurried guitar strums pared with a strinking, lonesome vocal, the mood is as intimate as they come, the naked, organic style of the song-craft perfectly matching the story told throughout, conjuring a scene in the Wicker Man with its beautiful imagery and powerful atmosphere.

Three tracks from a debut LP are available on Itasca's webpage here - from a quick listen - and with the promise of a revisit when I've a little more time - the mood seems more desolate and haunting at times yet "Milk Tea" is just gorgeous, a pretty guitar tapestry around Kayla's deep, echoed vocals. Don't miss out on this one.