Lily & Madeleine #5 - The Wolf Is Free

More siblings today, Lily & Madeleine return with "The Wolf is Free", the first track taken from their second album Fumes, which was announced yesterday and is due October 27th via Asthmatic Kitty Records.

It sees the pair quickly following last years self-titled debut, a record of simple, restrained instrumentation and beautiful, enchanting voices with a track that immediately expands their palette.

"The Wolf is Free" still, of course, owes much of its charm to the sisters' gorgeous voices, their entwining harmonies haunt long after the track is finished but here there is an added richness and conviction on display, with a luscious, hypnotising guitar and enveloping piano melody hinting that the new record might be a slightly darker shade this time. I'm looking forward to finding out for myself later in the year.