Manon Meurt - New Music "Introducing"


I discovered Czech quartet Manon Meurt a couple of months back thanks to Bandcamp discoverer and then added them to my 'to listen to' pile, it's something I am seemingly doing at an ever increasing amount but a quick catch-up listen to their debut EP over the weekend was enough to make me quickly catapult the band to the top of my posting list...

Opening track "To Forget" is a stunner, an epic quiet/loud shoegaze beauty which reminds me of the sadly quiet Fountains' "Easily Led" in places, a marriage of wistfully cooed vocals and bright glistening guitar textures with a fuzzy rhythm guitar which builds to a heady climax of instrumental noise.

The EP is six tracks deep and combines blissful, never-hurried dreampop beauties such as "94" and "Blue Bird" (another track which grows to dark, brooding conclusions) with the lighter, poppier structure of the wonderful "Glowing Cityscape", a brilliant, sparkling track propelled by wonderful guitar work and a precise drum beat. The vocals never falter throughout, soft and transcendent, this EP, simply, is the sort of release shoegaze has needed for a couple of years now.

Manon meurt is available now via Bandcamp. I've seen a picture of a vinyl release but haven't found a link to buy it anywhere - let me know if you have one and I'll add here. Update - it seems you can buy the vinyl here. My Czech isn't too hot but 250 Czech Koruna is just over £7 plus shipping so you cannot complain about that!