Meenk - New Music "Introducing"


Heading to last months inbox now and for an irrestible submission from an artist called Meenk, the project of a girl called May from Texas (now based in Brooklyn) and her debut EP Scamu Scau.

The EP consists of four tracks and comes in at less than ten minutes in length, it makes up for brevity with ample dose of ear candy, full of laid-back, 90's inspired slacker guitar riffs, simple melodies and May's eternally charming vocal. "Up" sum this up nicely, a dry yet sweet delivery and straightforward ringing guitar riffs that carries its weight not through bombast but by how it hooks in your heart with its enigmatic storytelling lyrics.

"Reasons"  is the softest, prettiest track of the four and follows a similar path of lo-fi psychedelic guitar rhythms and floating melody with "19" possibly the strongest track of the lot, a bustling tempo and increase guitar/drum groove will have you nodding along with May's magnetic delivery, her purposeful phrasing and wonderfully evocative lyrics delighting further as layers are discovered on repeated listens.

A wonderful debut that deserves a bigger audience than the couple hundred plays on Soundcloud so far, spread the word. Scamu Scau is available on a pay-what-you-like basis via Bandcamp now.