Palms on Fire #2 - Cars


Four years ago I came across the Russian band Palms on Fire and since seemingly forgot about them (sorry!). It happens to us all I am sure, there are hundreds and hundreds of acts and only one of me. I cannot remember everyone, nor continually listen to every band I feature here with my limited free time...

Back to Palms of Fire, it seems I have totally missed a 2012 release by the band but return with the recently released EP Cars. A release which sees the trio/quartet adopt a fresh, carefree approach to indie pop and results in four soft-focus tracks full of quirky pop sensibilities and delicate yet moreish tunes.

"Sun Is Over My House" opens with a funk-laden groove and sun-kissed swagger full of the pastel coloured nostalgia of youth, whimsical and romantic throughout with Anna Kislova's sincere, softening vocals melting hearts along the way. The title-track "Cars" follows a more traditional arrangement with cascading guitars and fast-paced bass rhythms over bright synth washes and graceful vocals.

There's more goodies though, "Suitcase"opens with theses game-boy esque synth loops and progresses with the same lovely/pure elements that made the EP stand out, whilst closing track "Two Hearts" is the sweetest, catchiest moment of surf-pop on the release. If you are searching for refreshing yet simple tunes that can do little but make you raise a smile, Cars is for you.

There is a very limited CD run on the EP available now via Dufflecoat Records or digitally from the band themselves.