Parlour #3 - Slow Down


On a recent trip to see The Joy Formidable in Cardiff the conversation, as usual, got onto new bands that I'd taken a shine to, and whilst I had a number to quote at the drop of the hat, when it came to naming exciting new guitar bands, the list wasn't so numerous. As far as I can see there are areas of upcoming and popular 'guitar bands' whom are (to generalise) still stuck in a rut of cloning such stellar acts as Oasis, The Libertines or even worse Arctic Monkey's.

Thankfully, there are beacons of hope throughout, the likes of TOY continue to exhilarate and we've got Esben and the Witch, Fear of Men, Embers and more coming through too. One of those upcoming bands is Parlour, the London based quintet who have expanded on their already mighty sonic palette with their new song "Slow Down".

The track is perhaps titled "Slow Down" because that's what people will likely be shouting at you if you are playing this loudly in your car alone, it's anything but slow, with a catchy and inspired melody full of long, epic-sized krautrock instrumental sections, effect laden shoegaze guitars, hard driving beats and dreamy psych vocal harmonies, it commands to be played loud and repeatedly.

"Slow Down" is released on the forthcoming Marshall Teller compilation LP, available August 25th and you can order one now here. A riotous storm of noise is guaranteed when Parlour support Ringo Deathstarr at the Garage on September 2nd - details.