Poppy Red - Hand Into The Fire


Poppy Red is a new name to me but the now Brooklyn based quartet seemingly formed as an evolution of the solo project of Molly Long. Their debut full-length Hand Into the Fire is Released in the US via Nineteen98 on September 23rd with the tracks I've heard thus far have me itching for more, two slowly-revealing mini-epics of haunting melodies and glistening guitarscapes.

The first of them, "Crush", is wondrous, a heady marriage of grunge guitar riffs, crashing, sparkling melody and ethereal vocals harmonies, Molly's cooing vocals floats on top evoking nostalgia and gripping emotion throughout the breathless track.

The more introspective "Hand Into the Fire" is just as good, a gorgeous, sparkling torchlight beauty that pulls you in amongst its atmospheric grip and refuses to let go, simmering on the edge before rising to a sumptuous, dynamic climax around the repeats calls of "I only want to understand".

A new love is seemingly found. Check out both tracks below: