Souvenir Stand #4 - Fall


I'm sure and hope you'll forgive a little blog about a song that is being released through my own label, Beautiful Strange. Souvenir Stand was originally an organic blog discovery, as long ago as June 2012 and since there's been a cassette tape EP release (the wonderful Days) and now this, a new two track 7" single called Surprise, it is due at the end of the month and available to pre-order now via Bandcamp.

"Fall" sees Souvenir Stand, primarily the work of New Jersey's Stephanie Cupo, shed some of the sugar and spice and all things nice allure that shone through Days for a darker, more grown-up, Twin Peaks' esque mystique. I won't go on, I've never been one for excessive self-promotion but it's a belter, I'm sure you'll agree.

Listen below and any support you may like to give Stephanie and this release, would be greatly received.