The Wild Reeds - Blind and Brave

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The Wild Reeds hail from Los Angeles and come to my attention with the first track to be released from their third album, its title track "Blind and Brave". It sees what was a three piece harmony trio (which sounds right up my street to be honest, a future investigation awaits) grow into a quintet harnessing the power of a full band.

That's something that's on evidence of "Blind and Brave" and the wonderful video released to support it, a beautiful torch-light anthem that builds gradually from a soft, emotive beginning to a bombastic chamber-pop finale full of emotive weight and feeling.

The quiet passage at the start highlight a trio of vocalists' stunning harmonies, their dusty, honey-toned voices entwine around shimmering instrumentation before gradually adding layers of choral tones to reach the stirring, expansive conclusion. It's a track that commands repeated plays which only further make this gem sink deeper into the skin.

The album follows tomorrow and is available to pre-order via Bandcamp now.