Warehouse Eyes - New Music "Introducing"

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I know I am in the minority as a blogger who likes to reference my sources (if there is one, I am quite self-sufficient) but this post was saved in my draft folder (of which there are hundreds - not enough hours in my days) with nothing more than a link. I apologise if you are my source and I can say that I'm glad I pressed on the link late last night...

Warehouse Eyes are from Minneapolis which gives them instant kudos with a Prince fanatic like me, although you wouldn't really guess that from their one an only track on Soundcloud so far, the beautiful "Tokyo". The track starts all soft and dreamy, drawing instant comparisons to the majestic synth and textured arrangements of Blonde Redhead before increasing in scope as probing bass rhythms and ringing guitars move the track in a new direction, growing to a truly triumphant finale amongst Jennie Lahlum's luscious ethereal vocal.

A four track EP is available via Bandcamp. I can't quite work out if it is release already or a pre-order, I'm looking forward to hearing more in any case.