Young Summer - Leave Your Love

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I saw Young Summer perform at this years Great Escape festival and I'm honest enough to say the show left me feeling a little empty, the set was vocals and electro drums / laptop and it failed to sparkle as I perhaps hoped prior. There was no doubting the beautiful, silky smooth vocals or the flickering 80's torchlight melodies but without a 'real' band I failed to connect as I perhaps should.

Three months on and in the comfort of my own room I rediscover her with the gorgeous "Leave Your Love", a  bittersweet pop ballad which comes with all the qualities I remember from the show, it soon captures your heart and makes you wish you were swirling around arm in arm at a high school party.

I'm surprised to find I never posted about last years Fever Dream EP, you'll possibly want to get it for the spectacular "Waves That Rolled You Under". Young Summers' debut album Siren is due August 26th.