Angel Olsen #3 - All Right Now

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First a grumble, I really do not approve of the whole 'deluxe edition' thing (which usually come hand-in-hand with a Pre-Christmas marketing campaign) unless it comes with a free copy for the people who purchased the 'old' album when it was originally issued (and I've known that to happen twice, once Bloc Party, once The Staves). I can understand re-releasing a record to try and ride a wave of publicity or eek out a few extra sales but I'm really don't understand why it seems to come at the expense of early adopters, or fans as they should be known. Anyway, the net result here is that we're getting new music from one of the finest artists around today, so I'm not going to moan anymore...

Angel Olsen is to release an expanded edition of her Burn Your Fire For No Witness record on November 18th via Jagjaguwar, it comes with five additional tracks (or three if you have the Endless Road / May As Well 7" already) and the the stream of "All Right Now" provides fine ammunition to tempt you to part with your hard earned, a slow, sultry number that gives the listeners new and old the perfect insight to Angel's haunting vocal, here it dominates through meandering acoustic plucks and leaves the listener gasping for air with its simple, heartbreakingly beautiful air of splendour.