PINS #10 - Come Back


I've been a fan of cassettes over the past couple of years because they offer an affordable way for bands to release something physically. Small-run vinyl is expensive on a per unit basis whilst CD's are not exactly glamorous and add to that the fact, something I know from personal experience, that selling them can be difficult (don't let 'record vinyl sales' stories lull you into a false sense of security - it is harder than ever to sell records as a small, diy label). Many releases these days are seemingly more for the nostalgic, die-hard collectors like myself rather than your day to day music enthusiast - apparently streaming off Spotify (I still don't have an account) is meant to support for a musicians livelihood.

So with that in mind I'm quite open about Cassette Store Day, sure there's no such thing as a cassette store and quicker than you can say feed-an-executive some bigger labels have jumped on board as another way to eek money out of the hardcore fan base with a re-re-re-issue of some 'classic' release but it also offers some interesting / cool releases too. Top of the list this year is this from the awesome Manchester quartet Pins, a three tracks covers EP from which we've been treated to an advance stream of the title track "Come Back" ( a cover of the The Belles song from 1966)

Vocally the track retains much of the same vibe, a buzzy, alluring sheen to which Pins add their own distinctive characteristics, spiky, adrenaline fulled fuzz-pop rhythm laced with darkley-hued menace.

Come Back is released on Cassette Store Day, this Saturday 27th Sept, limited to 100 copies. Don't expect them to hang around too long. Pins hit American next month with some UK shows also in the diary before the year is out - details.