Feature - Tourists


I meant to do a write up on London trio Feature during the promo for their last EP Culture of the Copy but obviously I never did, let me correct that with their next, three tracks which form a split release with Slowcoaches ahead of a forthcoming tour together next week.

Feature's tracks include a cover of Wire's "Mannequin" and two new ones of their own, the first "Tourism Fiction" is possibly their best yet, adding a sing-along chorus to their jagged guitar based noise-pop, with hard scuzzy rhythms and punchy beats propelling sweet-sounding vocal harmonies that command attention throughout every lyric of the of song.

"Wisdom Teeth" is more raucous, a fuzz-filled fusion of raw talent and infectious pop which washes around you with a smile inducing rush of distorted spirit, something they've brought in equally brilliant dose to their fine cover of "Mannequin". You should enjoy this. Listen below and grab a download of the Tourist EP now on a pay-what-you-like basis from Bandcamp.