Golden Fable #5 - Armour


Monday morning got off to the best possible start with the very welcome (and long-awaited) return of Golden Fable, now a trio, the North Wales based act have made September their own by announcing not just a new album, their second, but a preceding EP all in one go...

For now we've got "Armour" to sink our teeth into, the first taster of the new album, entitled Ancient Blue and due for release on November 10th, the track gives a hint into an exciting progression, a dynamic and exhilarating rush of bold instrumentation and Rebecca's ever faultless vocal. The jagged guitar patterns and heavy drum beat that runs throughout sees Golden Fable capture their live sound on record for the first time, a collision of haunting and cinematic soundscapes with a dramatic, post-rock edge. It's an impressive, breathless return.

The aforementioned Breathe In EP comes with little information (as yet) other than it contains three additional tracks and is released two weeks earlier than the album on October 27th. Ancient Blue and Breathe In can be pre-ordered now via Bandcamp - I've already done so.