Golden Fable #6 - Breathe In


After announcing both a new EP and album for the final quarter of 2014 it's natural to be expecting a bevvy of Golden Fable goodies to be heading our way shortly and sure enough, quickly following the dramatic "Armour" is "Breathe In", the title track of the aforementioned EP and second track to be heard from the trio's forthcoming album Ancient Blue.

The track continues to favour a stronger, guitar-led sound that shifts the bands focus from dreamy, fragile electro-pop to harder, dynamic alt-rock, of course, Rebecca's vocals remain as unmistakably pure and enchanting throughout, carrying you away with beautiful thoughts amongst surging instrumentation, it's the most urgent we've head Golden Fable yet.

Breathe In (and Ancient Blue) can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp. There's a London show (amongst others sure to be announced) already on sale, Tuesday November 25th at Madame JoJo's - Tickets.