Kate Miller - Collar Up


If you're as unfortunate as I am to have two Frozen obsessed children then it's likely the only songs you have stuck in your head on permanent rotation are "Let It Go" and "Fixer Upper" or if you're really lucky "Do You Want to Build a Snowman". So I'm glad that Kate Miller came along last night with the infectious and immediate "Collar Up" to give my mental jukebox a welcome change of pace...

The track introduces a gorgeous breathy vocal and a funk-laden guitar pattern that has you tapping along with the groove before the chorus fully entwines itself into your conscious at around the minute mark, afterwards you're hooked and hitting the repeat button soon after. I don't quite understand why it's not got another zero on the play count already (it soon will have with my plays alone).

There's a slightly older track, the ambient warmth of "Fortify" too (both taken from Kate's forthcoming debut EP Neophyte, due September 29th via Karma Artists) which has the same richness to it with exotic synths and another smouldering guitar line.

All that and still only a teenager, a new name to watch is found.