Perfume Genius #6 - Grid


Now here's an absolute stormer from Perfume Genius, I'm not sure they are words I thought I'd associate with PG after two albums of introspective heartbreak but the new sounds introduced on the stunning "Queen" have been hardened on this, the phenomenal "Grid".

An intense, gripping journey awaits listeners as an looping beats and abrasive synths introduces Mike's powerful, dramatic vocals, pummeling drums soon enter the fore and you are immediately transfixed, soon all sorts of eerie horns and nightmarish screams petrify and the result is simply mind-blowing. A candidate for track of the year is found.

I've no fucking idea what is going on in the video but if you've seen American Horror Story the idea of six rubber men will probably mean you won't be sleeping much for the next week....

Perfume Genius' new album Too Bright is released September 22nd - it promises to be extraordinary - pre-order a signed copy via Record Store now.