Rökkurró - Blue Skies

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Well hello Rökkurró, here's a name I'd never heard of until yesterday (with a nod firmly pointed in the direction of the ever brilliant Gold Flake Paint) and after a handful of listens to the tracks I could find by the Icelandic sextet I'm wondering quite why, their new single "Blue Skies", actually the second track to be aired from their forthcoming album (as yet unannounced) gives a wonderful introduction...

The track grows from a plaintive piano ballad with the copy and paste worthy named Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir vocals's encapsulated perfectly by the luscious, blossoming instrumentation that sounds as natural (and beautiful) as an Icelandic picture postcard, the resulting feeling is sure to leave you basking in a warm, uplifting glow. You can't ask for more than that on a Wednesday.

I'm loving "The Backbone" too, smooth crystalline guitars, sexy beats and a gorgeous, escalating vocal swoon around my heart whilst sounding like a slowed-down Dirty Projectors before erupting with a soaring, emotive finale as guitars and drums are allowed to loose their constraint. Truly sumptuous stuff. Listen below: