She Keep Bees #9 - Radiance


It seems new She Keep Bees songs are coming in our ears as often as weeks anew, that's never something to grumble about, "Radiance", the third track to be taken from the Brooklyn duo's forthcoming LP Eight House (available to pre-order now from Rough Trade) is another beauty too...

"Radiance" continues the stark, sparse mood set by earlier tasters "Is What It Is" and "Owl", this time without the backing of Sharon Van Etten's haunting harmonies - that's probably a good thing - we all love Sharon but it should be the case that SKB's can create the wow factor themselves with no need to use a 'name' to create publicity- in an ideal world that is of course and I hope this slow-paced, luxurious wonder draws in fans, new and old alike. It surely should, radiating not with swagger or drive but hard-hitting emotions and grace. This is a special band alright.