Slowcoaches - Tourists EP


I found Slowcoaches via Feature whom I posted about a couple of weeks ago, the band share a member (SC's vocalist Heather) and have recently completed a tour together which supported a split EP from which both bands provided three tracks, two originals and a Wire cover.

Slowcoaches have perhaps the most ironic band name of the month, "Raw Dealing" introducing a sound that is anything but, catapulted by thunderous drums and frantic guitar riffs it's heavier and shoutier than my usual type of pop-punk but I can't help but fall for this blast of sharp, abrasive noisescapes complete with infectious hooks, blistering vocals and a mighty, mighty dose of feedback. A fan of raw / melodic pop-punk played with perfect controlled aggression? Well I'm sure you've already found your new favourite band.

The split EP is available to download now via Bandcamp.