Springtime Carnivore - Sun Went Black


This track makes me pretty bummed that I never saw Springtime Carnivore (aka the nom de plume of Greta Morgan) when she supported La Sera - whose live band she also play in - in Hoxton a few months back (I was running late and it was a super early show).

Her debut single "Sun Went Black" is taken from a self titled album due November 4th via Autumn Tone Records and immediately introduces an uplifting psych-pop sound that so often finds itself filling these pages.

"Sun Went Black" doesn't sound like you'd expect from the title alone, there's no misery in the buoyant, sprightly melody and amongst bouncing bass, drums and fuzzed-up guitar rhythms you soon find yourself shuffling your feet along in agreement, Greta's reverb-heavy vocal adds singalong choruses and a late summer pop hit in the making in found.