Susan - New Music "Introducing"


Yesterday's post on Working has renewed by enthusiasm for fuzz-pop, so much so that I think I'll have a couple of days dominated by it on the blog, the first post comes from LA's Susan with their debut EP Just Call It.

The title track kicks off the no-stop-for-breath seven minute, three song release with a deliciously addictive statement of intent, combining hook-laden garage pop riffs, pounding drums and girl-group melodies for a sweet as sugar romp.

Flip-side tracks "Frenchie" and "Pancake" continue with the chugging, reverb soaked noise pop moods, charming, swoony harmonies that offer a rush of smile-inducing adrenaline. The lyrics throughout are pretty direct with the rather biting finale of "fuck you, I hope you die alone" ringing through on "Pancake" amongst all the catchy, urgent choruses. Don't worry, I doubt it's directed and you and it's an awesome introduction in any case.

Just Call It is available on a super limited 7" via Volar Records now. An extended EP with more tracks is due via Burger Records soon.