The Pretty Greens - Jealous Waves


Last but certainly not least in a little quartet of fuzz (for now) is Philly trio The Pretty Greens, a new discovery that appeared in my draft folders from an unknown source (sorry, I forgot to link you). Their February EP Jealous Waves bringing a charming slice of diy indie pop to the table with perhaps title track "Jealous Waves" summing it up best,

You are soon introduced to a super infectious little gem which flutters around your heart with tumbling percussion, simple jagged guitar chords and super soft harmonies, complete with candy sweet vocals that are pretty much impossible not to swoon after.

"Lonely Hunter" reminds me of Tender Trap, catchy, melodic surf pop rhythms with clever wordplay lyrics, you can imagine it being even more fun live. There's even room for a cover of The Palisades' "Make the Night a Little Longer", transforming 60's girls group Motown sound to pure jangle pop bliss. Extend your summer and grab the dreamy three track EP now, available via Bandcamp.