Tully On Tully - Two Birds


Australia, it seems, is at the forefront of the world when it of making big, powerful pop music, following The Jezabels comes Melbourne's Tully On Tully whom, on the basis of the tracks I've heard so far are here to bring skyscraping 80's power pop full of emotion to a home near you.

"Two Birds" is my introductory point, so I'll start there, the first track taken from the quintet's forthcoming EP and it is simply huge. Immediately dazzling through the sheer scope and range of Natalie Foster's startling vocal before infusing itself in your head through an addictive cocktail of skittering drums, compulsive synths and guitars.

Earlier track "Naked" is equally compelling and attention worthy with a dynamic melody of strong keys and dominating drums patterns threatening to explode throughout before finally doing so on the two minute mark with thrilling, euphoric results.

The only word of warning I have is to make sure you are near your computer when "Two Birds" finishes, my Soundcloud (hopefully not yours too) keeps playing Ed Sheeran in my ears afterwards - that's simply not on.