Videotape / Impulsive Hearts - Split Cassingle /

I think this only the second time I've ever done two bands in one post but given my discovery to both bands comes through the same split release, it only seems fair... Chicago bands Videotape and Impulsive Hearts each add a track to a new cassette singles club by hometown label Impossible Colors, it promises a very reasonable priced series of singles (12 tapes for USD20 + postage) over the next year and the first is a absolute belter...

Starting with the a-side, Videotape's "Salty" combines beefy guitar riffs with snarly vocals and big beats. As well as the whole heap of nostalgia crush there's much to like on top, with dreamy harmonies colliding perfectly with the piercing melody, full of the right mixture of menace and warmth throughout.

I am completely in love with the flip-side by Danielle Sines' Impulsive Hearts, "MDB" is an immediate jangle pop hit in the making, propelled by an infectious drum march and jagged, cavernous guitar patterns it recalls long lost summer days, you'll soon find it swirling around your head leaving you giddy for more, a repeat play will suffice nicely.

You can subscribe to the series of tapes via Impossible Colors or if the price of postage puts you off (and as a label myself, postal charges can most definitely do one), download the release for just $2 via Bandcamp now.