Sister Crystals #3 - Obsidian


I'm going to put my hand up now and say I'm yet to hear Sister Crystals debut LP (it's now back on my very soon to do list and can be streamed via Bandcamp). After blogging about the Chicago duo a couple of times at the turn of last year, lastly with the brooding daydream "White", I've managed to go and forget about them. I'm sorry. I'll blame the abyss that is my brain and overwhelmed blogger syndrome...

Colin Croom and Lauren Whitacre return to mind with the sweetly sounding psyche trip of "Obsidian", where jaunty keys and jangle guitars flutter around butterfly vocals and result in a sound that brings nostalgic goosebumps. I particularly Toy-esque part just before three minutes, with kraut-rock overdriven rhythms playing out a wonderful extended outro.