Wonder Wonder - New Music "Introducing"


I've labelled this post on London duo Wonder Wonder a 'new music' post because the band in question are a new band and have only got two tracks to their name, yet those two tracks have amassed some 250k plays between them making pigeonholing seem a little foolish.

The duo are currently hiding behind their music, planning to release a song every month for the next year, culminating in a debut album. the second "Shark" is a smouldering piano pop ballad full of torch light emotion and beautifully hushed dual vocals, the female voice has a warm, honey-toned vocals much akin to Emily Wood's or Layla's and amongst the smattering of electronic beats it sounds pure and perfectly chilled.

The first track "Body Gold" is similarly pared-down and gorgeous, an addictive combination of pretty, sultry harmonies, intimate lyrics and tasteful melody. You can understand the hype.

November 1st will see the third installment, set your reminder.