Anomie - New Music "Introducing"


Here's a track that makes you go yes, yes, yes the moment you hear it... Anomie is the solo project of Rachel Browne from Field Mouse and her blistering debut song "So Long" will immediately find solace amongst those of us who grew up in the early 90's, a snarling, feedback heavy guitar-pop beauty that bounces with infectious hooks and warming vocals.

I'm going to estimate that it'll take you about two seconds to get caught up amongst the frenzy of refreshingly upbeat guitars and addictive lyrics before finding yourself casting your mind back with typically rose-tinted nostalgia to times when the kids weren't waking you up at half six every morning (maybe that's just me) and you were jumping around your poster-laden room to tracks like this....

You can pre-order a self-titled four track EP, due February 10th on the wonderful Father/Daughter records via Bandcamp.