Best Coast #3 - California Nights


A hint of what to expect on the new Best Coast track (and possibly upcoming album of the same name - Due May 5th - pre-orders) comes in its name, "California Nights" instantly lets you know that Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno aren't here to tell more simple tale of sun and cats (not that there's anything wrong with either). 

Instead we have their biggest, most epic track to date, a five minute colossus with soaring, widescreen cinematics more akin to The Horrors than the surf-pop label of days gone by, soaked amongst layers of hazy guitars and shimmering synths you hear Bethany's vocal at its ambient best, a perfect soundtrack for those drives after dark is found.

Expectation ahead of their third album has just risen.

Best Coast #2 - I Don't Know How

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Best Coast have soon become a band that polarise opinion, half of people I know like their take on simple, nonchalant fuzz-pop whilst the other half think they are a bad cover version of about twenty other bands. Me, well I've always liked the blissfully, sweet approach they take and I personally think this new track "I Don't Know How" is the best thing I've heard from them since before the release of their debut album...

The song itself is split into two halves, the first beautifully wistful dream-pop with Bethany Cosentino's vocals more saccharine sweet than ever and the melody oozing with syrupy goodness before the track stops to gather momentum for a second half that speeds along with crunching guitars and punchy beats around the most catchy chorus of late, late summer (I can't help but feel it would have been better to release this track a few months ago in the midst of summer and not as the nights draw short and I reach for my aran sweaters), still "I Don't Know How" is exactly what I want when I think of Best Coast, joyful, catchy pop music - I've heard the track about six or seven times now and I know most of the words - that's a good thing.

The track is taken from Fade Away, the bands new seven track EP which will be out on October 22nd via Bethany's own, newly formed label Jewel City.

Best Coast


A band who I was meant to see at The Great Escape but didn't and whose London shows clashed - can't remember why  / who with but listening back to them and their new 7" single Sun Was High (So Was I) (Out in the UK this week from here) I am regretting it - especially with currently no UK dates annouced.

You can as of today Pre-Order the Best Coast debut album Crazy For You here. On various different formals and deals - surely one that fits you - or a signed copy from UK based recordstore.

It doesn't feature any of the past couple of singles or anything from the five track EP Where the Boys are - so fingers crossed for plenty of new awesome material full of the signature crunching guitars and fuzzy vocals.