Beverly #3 - Crooked Cop


In the life where I don’t have a full-time job and kids I would have gone to see Beverly when they played in London last week, however I do so I did not and instead have to take solace in their luscious new track “Crooked Cop”.

Granted, it’s not exactly the title of a track that sounds lush and neither is the subject matter of cheating relationships but Drew Citron’s gorgeous floating vocals and combination of a precise percussive beat and jangly, syrupy guitars means the track soon cements itself in your head and that's sometime's all it takes for you to become smitten.

The track is the first taken from a forthcoming second LP, to be announced but no doubt due via Kanine Records some time next year.

Beverly #2 - Planet Birthday


A month back (time flies) when I first posted about Beverly I talked about a super sweet fuzz-pop track "Honey Do", a track perfect for summer nights spent with friends and singing along to after a few too many beers, the second track to come my way "Planet Birthday" is not (the debut album Careers is out now via Kanine Records but hasn't made its way to my ears just yet).

Instead I'm instantly transported to a dark, grim basement, sweating it out amongst menacing rhythms, frenetic drums and buzzsaw bass. It reminds me of the September Girls, echoey and murky with vocals taking their time to reveal themselves, what immediately grabs you is a foot tapper with a typically catchy chorus.

It appears that Frankie Rose has since departed to concentrate on her solo career and Drew Citron has been joined by two strapping looking chaps to make a live show to tour the US. The UK awaits...

Beverly - Honey Do


There was a period of time when the simple fuzz pop charm that makes up Beverly, the project of someone I've featured here before in various guises; Frankie Rose and Drew Citron, would have adorned this blog on a weekly (daily?) basis. Recently though these pages have been overtaken with brooding 80-esque anthems and sad-pop songs of love lost and unrequited, it's good to return to those roots at the start of new week (they go too quickly)...

"Honey Do" instantly lets you know what it is about, a healthy doze of fuzzed-up guitar chugs, pumping percussion and sunny/sweet harmonies, its dreamy warmth makes you long to be away from the normal routine (I've no holiday booked). The duo's second track "You Can’t Get It Right" bringing similar things to mind, sounding bigger still amongst a swarm of super-charged riffs, thumping drums and infectious bass. I like it a lot.

The debut album Careers is due July 1st via Kanine Records.