Bruising #3 - Emo Friends


A little late to this one but a newly released video gives me a timely kick up the backside... Leeds’ Bruising return with an expanded line-up and sounding bigger than ever with their latest slice of fuzzy, charming grunge-pop “Emo Friends”.

The track will be the band’s first adventure with vinyl (taken from a forthcoming AA single Emo Friends/Honey due November 20th via Beech Coma) and tackles the pains of lost love with a rose-tinted ‘fuck it, let’s have a blast’ attitude as the repeated cries of “I want to feel okay” ring out amongst the nostalgic buzz of cascading guitars and driving beats. The contrast of swaggering melody full of menace and attitude around Naomi’s soft, syrupy vocals is sure to invoke some moshpit mayhem on a forthcoming Los Campesinos! support tour yet still manages to capture some of the tender sweetness of life.

Bruising #2 - Can't You Feel


Late last year we were introduced to the Leeds duo Bruising with "Honey", a demo track that introduced a contagious blend of fuzzed-up guitar riffs wrapped up amongst galloping beats and an inviting, warm vocal, the result was pure earworm.

Now the band are back with an even better song, "Can't You Feel" which offers all that and more. Their second outing has more polish and this post-production takes their bedroom recorded songs to the next level, sounding bigger than "Honey", with loud, swarming guitars praying on your mind around Naomi's dreamy, nostalgia filled words. It makes you feel 16 all over again.

"Can't You Feel" is the first track taken from the ever great Beech Coma compilation series now at volume three, released March 9th and available to pre-order now via Bandcamp.