Fazerdaze #2 - Little Uneasy


Let's go again with a track I've already covered but I like it and it's my blog... "Little Uneasy" by the wonderful Fazerdaze which now has a perfectly nostalgic, summer's day video to suit its hazy, wistful melody. If you haven't already, you should definietly check it out.

This post was propelled by news of a Fazerdaze UK tour later this month (I almost wrote next month but it is, contrary to the weather this week, June already). Amelia will be supporting Big Deal across the country and includes a stop at London's Oslo on the 17th - tickets.

Fazerdaze - Little Uneasy


The debut Fazerdaze EP, the project of Auckland based musician Amelia Murray, is certainly a release I under-appreciated here, a six track release of gorgeous, mellow bedroom pop filled with summery, swirling guitars and hazy, ethereal vocals, the tone is understated yet melodic, catchy yet beautiful. You should probably go and grab a copy now via Bandcamp (start with the infectious, bass-heavy “Treading Lightly”).

“Little Uneasy” is the first track since and is similarly smooth and hypnotic, combining crystalline vocals with slightly heavier guitars and a super tight rhythm section, it slowly unfurls in your mind.

An album is promised soon and is one to most certainly keep an eye out for in 2016.