Ghostly Kisses #3 - Empty Note


Hello. You may remember me. Not sure if this is an attempt at finding some motivation to continue this blog or the dying embers of its existence... We'll see I guess.

Either way, this is just gorgeous, "Empty Note" by Ghost Kisses an artist I've featured here a few times before over the past eighteen months, a serene mixture of breathtakingly intimate vocals and downtempo synths, one for a late night contemplation then...

Ghostly Kisses #2 - Such Words


I'd previously fallen for Quebec City duo Ghostly Kisses' blend of soul-searching alt-pop on the gorgeous "Never Know" so it's hardly a surprise to find myself swooning at their latest beauty "Such Words".

Combine Margaux Sauvé’s spine-tingling vocal with intimate synths and tender strings and you'll discover a haunting track to soften the harshest of days.

Ghostly Kisses - New Music "Introducing"


Ghostly Kisses, the name and a pretty apt description for the debut track "Never Know" by the Quebec City duo of Margaux Sauvé & Dragos Chiriac.

Ghostly it most definitely is, with thin, haunting vocals and the gentle pitter-patter of synths floating across the track and kisses is most certainly gives you too, a seductively soft, caressing melody that lifts you up and embraces you like you've just arrived home after a long, hard trip away. 

You can download the track on a pay-what-you-like basis now via Bandcamp.