GØSPEL #3 - Other Side


GØSPEL released their latest single "Ain't Gonna Let You In" this week (I'm late to it, just like everything else at the moment because there aren't enough hours in the day/week/month). The lead track is a minimalist, atmospheric beauty that bewitches around Beth Anderton-Allen's stunning lead vocal and glitchy synths, Bat For Lashes' is probably the closest reference point for those of you who like them, either way, the song is wonderful, exquisitely crafted with haunting vocals floating atop of disjointed beats. 

Less spooky, more drop-dead gorgeous is "Other Side", a track which is not only that but also perhaps even stronger, there's a totally different texture and feeling to the eeriness of the a-side, causing butterflies in the stomach as rinigng guitar patterns soar amongst the beautifully repeated refrain "you wanna see what's on the other side of the door", it's utterly delicious

GØSPEL headline the Waiting Room on Wednesday, June 24th. Limited tickets are available here: http://www.iamnewmusic.com/tickets/ (If you make it, enjoy, I'm at a certain music festival that you may have heard of that is happening this weekend). The single is available for just £0.99 via Bandcamp now.

Gospel #2 - Empr



The London duo Gospel return after their compelling debut single "Disasters Running Wild" with "Empr", released today and available via Bandcamp. A darkly dramatic track delivers on all that initial promise and some more...

"Empr" sees Beth Anderton-Allen & Chris Willsher grow in scope and confidence with a perfectly produced track that sounds slick and polished with greater pop accessibility too, it yearns for greater attention as shimmering guitarscapes guide the slow-burning atmospherics created by Chris' brooding synths, never over-bearing they give the platform for Beth's breathy vocals to shatter emotions. A gorgeously melancholic slice of pop awaits below. An EP is due to follow later this year.

GOSPEL - New Music "Introducing"


Whilst it may not quite be time to say RIP to Creatures of Love, the band have been on 'hiatus' for a little while now and one of its member Chris Willsher has seemingly had enough of watching DVD boxsets and returns with a new project, GOSPEL, a duo alongside Beth Anderton-Allen.

Their debut track "Disasters Running Wild" will instantly find home with fellow CoL fans, a dark, brooding masterpiece of slow release emotion which sees Beth's soft, considered vocals weave themselves around a bed of sparse, hypnotic electronic beats, down-tempo piano chords and guitar textures. The track explodes half-way through as the percussive beat and guitar shimmers step up a gear, the increase in tempo allowing Beth's vocals to soar higher and with compelling result. A mighty fine introduction indeed.

"Disasters Running Wild" is released July 7th via Not Like That Records.