Albums of 2015 #19 - Liza Anne - Two

Liza Anne
Released May 19th, 2015

Liza Anne has quietly crept up to become one of my favourite go-to songwriters to accompany the introspective, lonesome stillness of night (I seemingly find solace in music about, and to mend, the broken heart). Her second release Two is a masterclass in such regard, a breath-taking marriage of intimate beauty, hushed, reserved vocals and shimmering layers of instrumentation.

"Lost" perfectly embraces these strong emotions, covering you with a wistful yet warming romanticism that's akin to the most welcome of hugs after a long, weary journey. As ever, Liza's music lingers long after it finishes, haunting, delicate and completely gorgeous.

“Room" is a restrained and deeply personal statement from the start, "I Should have known you didn't want me" Liza sings at one point with her helpless voice entwined around widescreen guitar textures and increasing percussion, tales of repeated heartbreak have rarely sounded so good.

The galloping beats of “Northern Wind” and "Take It Back" see Liza expand her palette, with the latter’s shimmering electronic textures and an increasingly bold rhythm section a joy to behold around her ever-pure vocal and defiant lyrics. "Ocean" those takes things back with the noise of London’s Underground the back-drop to an intimate tale of vulnerability with Liza's evocative tones echoing around twinkling piano and lush strings.

If you like an artist to bare their soul, full of powerful lyrics and exquisite harmonies then look no further than Liza Anne.

Liza Anne #7 - Lost


Liza Anne has quietly crept up to become one of my favourite go-to songwriters to accompany the introspective, lonesome stillness of night (I seemingly find solace in music about, and to mend, the broken heart). 

Her second release Two came out last week and as my earlier posts on "Ocean" and "Take It Back" testify,  you should be listening to it (iTunes link), a breathtaking marriage of intimate beauty, hushed, reserved vocals and shimmering layers of instrumentation.

To accompany the release Liza has shared a stunningly choreographed dance video to the track "Lost" which perfectly embraces the personal emotion that her music delivers, covering you with a wistful yet warming melancholia that's akin to the most welcome of hugs after a long, weary journey. As ever, Liza's music lingers long after it finishes, another track that's haunting, delicate and completely gorgeous.

Liza is hopefully touring the UK this summer (and according to social media planning shows with Siv Jakobsen). I'll see you at the front.

Liza Anne #6 - Ocean


We're now just a week away from the release of Liza Anne's second album Two, the release of "Ocean" gives further insight into the emotional heartbreak that awaits within its spell.

Where earlier track "Take It Back" saw Liza expand her palette with shimmering electronic textures and an  increasingly bold rhythm section "Ocean" takes things back, an intimate story of vulnerability with Lisa's beautiful, haunting tones echoing around twinkling piano and lush strings. I'm going to steal a line I used to describe Liza back in February 2014, 'melancholia rarely sounds so gorgeous'.

Two is available to pre-order via iTunes now with three of its seven tracks available instantly.

Liza Anne #5 - Take It Back


I'm still annoyed that I missed Liza Anne when she played a few shows here in the UK last summer, I'm hoping that the news of Two, her second release will perhaps give me chance to make amends. The track "Take It Back" is the latest song to be heard from the aforementioned seven track EP (after November's beguiling "Room") and sees Liza expand on her bruised, vulnerable songcraft further, where "Room" hinted at a growth in her musical palette with widescreen guitar textures and big, echoing percussion "Take it Back" progresses even further.

Now we see Liza shed her acoustic guitar in favour of electric with its shimmering textures bright and right at the front of the track which grows around twinkling keys and an increasingly bold rhythm section accompanying her ever-pure vocal and defiant lyrics. "Take it Back" may be different than anything we've heard from Liza Anne before but it's just as impeccable.

Liza Anne #4 - Room

From one singer/songwriter specialising in weighty songs of relationships lost and broken to another, Liza Anne follows this years stunning debut The Colder Months with new track "Room", a song promised to be included on her second record, due next Spring.

"Room" will be immediately comfortable for fans of Liza's earlier work, a restrained and deeply personal statement from the start, "I Should have known you didn't want me" Liza sings at one point with her haunting, vulnerable voice entwined around widescreen guitar textures and increased percussion, tales of repeated heartbreak have never sounded so good on the ears.

The single is released December 16th. 

Liza Anne #3 - 1,000 Years

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Liza Anne has quietly come to Europe, I only found out through this video, a live recording of her track "1,000 Years" (nothing to do with that song). Her album The Colder Months became one of my early year favourites after I became smitten with its breathtaking title-track, an atmospheric beauty that slowly swells around widescreen guitars and softly emotive vocals, it sets the tone for the entire record.

This stripped back version of "1,000 Years" sees Liza joined by Paris based Josh Savage, the track is an understated, intimate and wholly gorgeous number with barely there acoustic plucks and plaintive piano chords placing the emphasis and the pair's words and voices, both haunting and delicate, this is a heart-melting video, make sure you give it a watch below.

Annoyingly (for me), her only London date penned so far is this Sunday, June 1st at a Communion Music at Notting Hill Arts Club.

I've included the album version below too. The Colder Months is available here.

Liza Anne #2 - Thin Ice / Rubble

Liza Anne was one of 2014's first and finest discoveries, my introduction was the title-track from her then soon to be (now released) album The Colder Months, a restrained, atmospheric beauty that slowly swelled amongst widescreen guitars and softly emotive vocals to devastating results.

With the album now out in the big, bad world Liza has shared two more tracks from the release, "Thin Ice" which combines Liza's expressive voice, a sweeping melody and deeply intimate tales of love, a theme that takes centre stage throughout much of The Colder Months. The second track "Rubble" is perhaps the most personal, vulnerable moment on the release and also one of the most beautiful, restrained guitar patterns remain understated with the emphasis on Liza's haunting voice, melancholia rarely sounds so gorgeous.

Her subjects (love and death) are universal and this release is sure to connect with anyone who found themselves starring into a box of tissues whilst listening to last years Daughter debut LP.

Liza Anne - New Music "Introducing"

I get a lot (and I mean a lot) of group mailers with album links and pr for more acts and artists than I could ever feature here and I'm honest to say at least 90% of them get deleted without me ever listening to them (that's not the same with 'personal' submissions which I'll always try and at least listen to). One such submission perked my curiosity the other day because it mentioned Daughter and First Aid Kit as references and comes from an artist from Nashville, fickle difference can make the difference it seems...

So I headed to 19 year old Liza Anne's soundcloud and soon fell in love with a beautiful track that also happens to be the title track to her debut album The Colder Months (which is due next month). Daughter is actually the perfect starting point, the track is restrained, atmospheric and haunting from the outset, slowly building from a calming opening with the emphasis firmly placed on Liza's ethereal vocal, her soft voice bleeds with devastating emotion as the song swells with increasing percussion and widescreen guitar textures to an intimate, heart-felt climax. "The Colder Months" be-lie's Liza's years, an age-old tale about love and loss that seem to linger longer over winter, however you want to look at it, it also happens to be the best track that 2014 offered us in its first week.

The Colder Months is due February 4th, more details.