Night Flowers #5 - Glow in the Dark


Ah, Night Flowers, you never fail to bring shimmering goodness to my ears. Their latest track to do so is their new single called "Glow in the Dark" and will be available on limited edition 7" glow in the dark vinyl on July 15th via Dirty Bingo Records

You'll probably want to grab one after a listen to this, immediate and gorgeous "Glow in the Dark" is filled with softening vocals, heart-warming dream-pop landscapes and a wonderful jingle jangle melodic line. An absolute winner then.

Night Flowers #4 - Sleep


Wow, this is brilliant. I'll admit I was a little bit cynical before I pressed play on the new Night Flowers single "Sleep" for one simple reason, I'm not generally a fan of vocalist changes. For me, vocals and lyrics are always number one in importance and when a band I associate with a certain sound changes, I can find it difficult. A bit like when your favourite pub gets rid of the jukebox and goes all Gastro pub. Or the Queen songs where Roger Taylor sings (minus "I'm In Love With My Car"). Yet here, the introduction of Sophia Pettit sees the London based quintet truly step up to the mark.

The track has everything I've heard from the band before, a beautiful, shimmering melody and soft, intoxicating vocals which entwine around jangly guitar hooks and precise percussion but it's slicker too, shining bright and gliding you towards gorgeous wistful memories in no time at all. To sum "Sleep" up in three words, pure pop gold. 

There's a 7" vinyl due on September 25th (via Dirty Bingo Records), the day before the band play a free show at London's Victoria (details). It's in the diary.

Night Flowers #3 - Embers


Night Flowers were a band I connected with the very second I heard their debut tracks "Single Beds" and "North", immediate, upbeat jangle-pop that brought to mind any number of 90's fuzz pop / Pains comparisons. The London quintet return now with news of their first official release, a four track EP which will be available on 10" vinyl / digital via Dirty Bingo Records on April 7th.

"Embers" shows the signs of a band developing in their craft, straying ever so slightly from the nostalgia-filled memories with a stronger percussive heart and grungey guitar melody, don't worry though indie-poppers, the track is still sweetness personified with dreamy, beautifully hushed vocal harmonies soothing any troubles away.

The EP is set to be launched with a show on April 4th at the Victoria Dalston. I'm in Bratislava so the day I get to break my live Night Flowers duck will have to wait, soon I promise.

Night Flowers #2 - North


Last month my little nostalgic heart went a-flutter with Night Flowers impeccable debut track "Single Beds", a 90's fuzzy-pop reminiscing beauty that made me wish I wasn't quite so old and miserable so I could run through fields hand-in-hand with my childhood sweetheart like they do in Hollywood movies... Now I'm getting those feelings all over again with the bands second track "North"...

More languid and dreamy, its a perfect summers day listen with jangly guitar hooks, a beautiful, shimmering melody and soft, intoxicating vocals which can do nothing than take you to the sweetest of moods. Pure pop gold. With a sound far more polished and sophisticated than a band just two tracks in, the future already looks promising.

"North" is available now alongside "Single Beds" as a free download single via Bandcamp - you'd be silly to refuse and I for one, cannot wait for more.

Night Flowers - New Music "Introducing"


Since I discovered London based quintet Night Flowers I've read about them four or five times, without fail the words C86 revival or early Pains of Being Pure Heart were mentioned so I'll stay clear of those words here, it does however give you an indication of what to expect with their first track as a full band "Single Beds" (I found an earlier tender, daydreaming track on YouTube here)...

Yes, "Single Beds" is pure, fuzzy jangle-pop at its finest, it instantly charms you with a seemingly effortless, but wholly infectious melody and I want to press repeat as I'm absorbed with beautifully hushed vocal harmonies, rat-a-tat percussion and dreamy guitar shimmers - go grab your pastel coloured Ben Sherman shirt and sing along below: