Our Girl #4 - Being Around


I'll forgive Our Girl the nearly year long delay since their excellent debut "Sleeper", lead vocalist/guitarist Soph Nathan has her fingers in more pies than most (some newbies may recognise her from The Big Moon).

"Being Around" re-introduces the London/Brighton trio with a typically heady concoction of meaty riffs, precise percussion and Soph's deliciously melodic vocal, it immediately sweeps through your speakers and gives a big warm hug. I love it.

The track is taken from Our Girl's forthcoming 12" Normally and is available for pre-order now via Cannibal Hymns.

Our Girl #3 - Level


When I start my ‘ones to watch in 2016’ after the Christmas break one band that won’t be included is Our Girl, not because they aren’t one to watch, far from it, they are one of my favourite new acts but I’ve made the choice not to replicate previous choices and Our Girl were one of my ‘tips for 2015’. A year which saw them end with the release of their debut 7” single “Sleeper”.

Its flip-side was shared a few weeks ago and gets a long overdue posting here now I’m back on my feet. “Level” is a track I’m familiar from my time seeing the band live, a beautiful quiet/loud track that truly highlights the talent of the wonderful person that is Soph Nathan, it starts all mellow with soft ringing guitar and a quite devastating vocal, highlighting the vulnerability and emotion in her every word. It’s not until the half way point that we hear the rest of the band, gradually introducing themselves with piercing beats and thick, extending guitars to the most satisfying of conclusions.

The 7” has sold-out in most places but a few still remain via Rough Trade.

Our Girl #2 - Sleeper


I singled out Our Girl as 'ones to watch' last year (I’ve just started internally debating this/next year’s list and deciding whether they’ll be repetitions or not, just 3 of my 15 ‘tips’ actually released an album…) on the basis of their languorous and atmospheric self-titled debut track and the history of its front-woman Soph Nathan for being a part of bands that produce irresistible, elegantly draped pop melodies.

As it turned out Our Girl have spent most the year brimming on the surface whilst Soph’s other band The Big Moon shined in the limelight. Now with “Sleeper” it’s time for that to change. Filled with gutsy hooks and layers of echoed guitar “Sleeper” well and truly sparkles, packing a punch from the outset with the ebbing and flowing of driving, crunchy guitars and drums alongside earnest, wistful lyrics before soothing in a softer, nonchalant haze and gorgeous harmonies.

“Sleeper” is released on 7” vinyl / digital download via Cannibal Hymns on December 11th.

Fifteen For 2015 #5 - Our Girl


Formerly Soph Nathan, Our Girl, the Brighton based trio led by Soph Nathan only have one track circulating online at present (a Facebook post from this week hints they are currently recording another) and a handful of gigs to their name thus far so it's definitely a premature call to be anticipated 2015 to be their year, yet here I am 'tipping' them as 'ones to watch'. The reason is simple, the electricity and excitement that resulted from the debut band gig at The Hope simply blew me away and if you can't say follow this band, you will be rewarded, then just what is the point of 'tips'...

The recorded version of "Our Girl" lets you into the secret, a warm, hazy bed of never rushed daydreams, there's a healthy dose of irresistible pop melodies and catchy softening vocals amongst fuzzed up guitars and heavy percussive beats. It makes for a compelling introduction and hopefully the start of much, much more.