The Night VI #10 - Maybe It's How I'm Feeling


This about sums up my bank holiday weekend (although I’d rather live it again than be at work like I am today).

The Night VI have shown time and time they know how to play with your heartstrings and their latest track, the aptly titled “Maybe It’s How I’m Feeling” is no exception. Perhaps the simplest, acoustic melody heard from the band to date with a lonesome acoustic guitar the sole accompaniment for Sophia-Rose’s extraordinarily beautiful vocals, the track itself will relate to many, a confessional tale of being caught between two lovers, which, as delicate as it may be leaves an impression long after with its raw, intimate power.

The song comes coupled with release information for the London sextet’s third EP of the same name containing six track and lined up for released late October via Duly Noted Records (it includes previously released tracks "Just Words", "Turn Your Light On" and "Too Late to Lie").

The Night VI #9 - Just Words


The Night VI have featured on this blog as much as any other act in the past 18 months, the reason for that is simple, they've released a long succession of wonderful singles. The latest of which is "Just Words", softer and smoother than we've heard the London based sextet since "Sienna" it sees keyboardist Kirsty take over (Sophie-Rose adds impeccable backing harmonies) as lead vocalist/songwriter for the first time.

Fear not, this is nothing like the track on a Queen album where Roger Taylor sings, it's just as gorgeous as you'd expect (perhaps more so), where impeccable swooning vocals delight amongst gossamer guitar licks and restrained synth-pop beats. The result is a 90's R&B groove that's destined to hit radio stations across the stations. The blogosphere is right on this occasion.When is the rest of the world going to take note?

"Just Words" is taken from EP III due September 30th, if you pre-order the release via Bandcamp you'll get the three tracks we've had so far digitally upfront (that's "Just Words", "Turn Your Light On" and "Too Late to Lie" ) and a sexy piece of vinyl on release. 

The Night VI #8 - Turn Your Light On



The second post by one of my 'ones for 2015' in a row. The Night VI returned last week with their second track of 2015, the smooth, sensual soft-rock vibes of "Turn Your Light On". Taken from a forthcoming EP that will be released in September and is available to pre-order now via Bandcamp.

It sees the London based sextet at their most 'Fleetwood Mac' yet with Sophie-Rose's richly seductive lead vocal joined by keyboardist Kirsty for a slick, completely irresistible duet filled with glistening instrumental work and radiant group harmonies. The results are as effortless and glorious as ever.

The Night VI #7 - Too Late To Lie


It took just two days of 2015 for The Night VI to re-appear after a brilliant 2014, "Too Late To Lie" is the lead track ahead of an as yet untitled, untracked six track EP (what will be the bands third) which is due on September 30th - you can pre-order now via bandcamp with an instant download of the aforementioned single to tide you over the many months.

The single, as you'd expect, is a pristine entry into the sextet's songbook, soft soothing twinkling piano chords and Sophie-Rose's crystalline vocal guides the ebbing instrumentation with dramatic rises of muted guitar and percussion adding texture and atmosphere amongst those ever glistening keys.

It's a thing of real beauty. Of course it is.

Fifteen For 2015 #8 - The Night VI


One of the acts I've written about here the most this year, The Night VI followed 2013's beautiful EP Still Thinking of You with a steady stream of immaculately smooth pop hits. For much of the year "Sienna" was my favourite track by the sextet but they've recently trumped that with "Heroine" and with a brilliant self-released EP DIY under their belt, 2015 promises to be even better for the London based group.

If you've been living under a rock and have missed the band until now, "Sienna" does a great job of introducing them, it's simply irresistible. Built around the pristine vocal of Sophie-Rose, here filled with more heartache and emotion that you could bottle and supported by spacious, widescreen instrumentation is a flawless, crisp and clear beauty that hooks you in from first until last.

2014 also brought "Wonderlust", a driving 0's power-pop anthem in waiting which will immediately have you bopping your head along in approval amongst its punchy rhythms and sprightly synths, there's even room for an emphatic guitar solo half-way through and "Heroine" was even better. A silky smooth and intoxicating listen with shimmering instrumentation gliding those ear-worm vocals. "Fears" deserve a mention too, their most intimate and compelling moment yet.

The Night VI have quickly put together a group of tracks capable of sending shivers up your spine or making you smile with pleasure every time you hear them, they deserve to be one of 2015's break-out acts.

The Night VI #6 - Fears


Armed with a voice that could make singing the phone book sound beautiful, The Night VI's vocalist Sophia-Rose Harper is perfectly placed to deliver a devastating torchlight ballad and that's exactly what "Fears", the latest track taken from their newly released EP DIY is (a release set to be launched on Friday with a show at Camden's Stillery - details).

The sweetly played harp and gentle ringing guitar melody that backs her vocal is the perfect accompaniment for the softly sung lullaby, as intimate and soothing as we've the sextet, hitting straight at your emotions with a lament of fragile hearts and broken love. Tissues at the ready...

The Night VI #5 - Heroine

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The last time I talked about London sextet The Night VI I said 'they have quickly put together a group of tracks capable of sending shivers down your spine or making you smile with pleasure every time you hear them, they deserve to be one of 2014's break-out acts', It seems I'm not the only one who agrees...

New track "Heroine" has catapulted them straight into the upper regions of the Hype Machine Chart less than 24 hours after its appearance online, with good reason too, a silky, polished beauty that will only add to their increased admirers (as a recent twitter follow by chart toppers Disclosure can only verify).

Much like the tracks subject, perhaps a friend of "Sienna's?", you're soon hooked within the tracks spell as smooth, shimmering instrumentation glides impeccably amongst Sophia Rose's deliciously smooth vocals, a refined, irresistible, ear-worm listen awaits below.

"Heroine" comes coupled with the news of a new EP DIY, collecting five of the band’s recordings (track-listing also includes the aforementioned "Sienna" and "Wonderlust"). It will be available on limited edition CD available exclusively at the band’s shows (first). One of which takes place at Madame Jojo's, Tuesday November 18th - tickets . A US vinyl edition of "Heroine" is also in the works.

The Best Songs of 2014 So Far (Part Two)

10. Lazy Day - With My Mind

"With My Mind" is most fully realised track that Tilly has released thus far under her Lazy Day pseudonym. Earlier tracks shared on her Soundcloud suited the band name (currently just Tilly, with hopefully a live band and dates to follow) perfectly, full of plaintive daydreams and spacious, echoed vocals. "With My Mind" takes that further with a brooding intensity and a hypnotic guitar riff that will embed itself in your brain, couple it with Tilly's magnetic voice, her sumptuous, soothing tones wrap around you and soon you're lost deep within.

9. Rae Morris - Skin

Rae returns to make 2014 her own with a new track "Skin", easily her finest to date and as devastating a moment as the year has offered us to date. "Skin", and please excuse the pun, gets under exactly that as metronomic piano chords chime with elegant simplicity amongst delicate vocals and luscious string instrumentation. It's all beautifully timed and Rae's lyrics possess a dark, haunting edge, the result is sure to bring goose-bumps to listeners all over.

8.Sea Change - Bridges

Sea Change (aka Ellen Sundes) was one of my revelations at The Great Escape (and judging by the reviews I've read, many others too). Even as an act I'd blogged about before the festival I was taken aback by her live show, performing as a trio in a pitch black (and tiny) basement I saw as intense and chilly a set I've ever, extraordinarily dark, her (surprisingly) epic electronic soundscapes and bass guitar rhythms combined perfectly around her undeniably sweet, ethereal vocal. It was simply stunning. The studio version of "Bridges" was released a couple of days before I departed for Brighton and with some distance from that performance the track still mesmerises, it starts relatively calm with ambient glitches, effects and spectral vocals immersing you within its hypnotic, dream-like state before spiraling to a searing finale of electronic noise, guitar and emotion.

7. The Night VI - Sienna

"Sienna" is simply magnificent, built around the crystal clear voice of Sophie-Rose, here filled with more heartache and emotion that you could bottle, the track will connect with anyone whose ever let someone they love slip through their fingers (pretty sure that's most of us) and supported by spacious, blissed-out instrumentation it provides an irresistible listen from its first to last moment.

6. Lykke Li - Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone

...sparse and confessional with languid, haunting acoustic echoes the sole accompaniment for Lykke's devastating delivery, you can tangibly feel her emotion throughout - what a beauty.

5. Sophie Jamieson - Stain / Other

"Stain" leaves exactly that on you, combining Sophie's delectable vocals, heart shattering lyrics and restrained instrumentation, the perfect marriage of space and structure to get under your skin with spine-tingling effect. The track comes backed with "Other", a fully realised beauty which highlights her bands influence more than ever. A stark, haunting drip feed of emotion.

4. Eliza Shaddad - You For Me

Labelled as a radio edit and yet six minutes in length (that's the same length as Bohemian Rhapsody, a story I'm sure we've all heard) the track epitomises the soft and graceful style of Eliza's music. "You For Me" really is as pretty a moment as I've heard all year, a genuine love song with ringing guitar patterns and a delicate, haunting backdrop which slowly introduces Eliza's stunning vocals, gorgeous and defiant, here coupled with lyrics as optimistic and heartfelt as you're ever likely to hear. "You For Me" is the sort of track that will bring you to a stand still whatever you are doing - simply magical.

3. Lisa Alma - Bittersweet

"Bittersweet", comes backed with a beautiful, pure black and white video, the imagery the perfect compliment to the track which leaves you longing, desperate for more. Backed by little more than subtle drum pad beats and minimal, spacious synths it's Lisa's vocal that steals the show and has me hooked. It immediately makes me think of Prince's falsetto, not just any old Prince either, the Purple One at his 80's best, seducing with every note, whispered, extended words that make you fall hopelessly under their spell. I love the extended outro too, with a smouldering guitar that captures the feeling of the track, just bloody gorgeous.

2. Broken Twin - In Dreams

A true highlight of an extraordinay album, as intimate and arresting an experience as music can offer

1. Shura - Touch

effortlessly sexy / cool melody that swoons amongst soft-glittering electronics and Shura's luxurious vocal, its simple and refined and despite its lyrics of "I wanna touch you but it's too late, I wanna touch you but there's history..." is straight-up baby-making music.

Hands down track of the year so far. Go and give it your love. 550k+ plays, Wow!!