Albums of 2016 - The Sun Days - Album

Albums of 2016 - The Sun Days - Album


Easily amongst the best indie-pop albums of the year, The Sun Days bright, beautiful melodies and warming harmonies (since the release of the record the band have changed vocalist, a hot and steamy show in London's Lock Tavern back in July showed that doesn't matter) don't seemingly match their Gothenburg roots (it's a wonderful City mind), but Album immediately charms the pants of you with its smile-inducing bounce and vigour, the sort of record that can do nothing but bring a smile to your face and have you jumping around your room whilst swooning at the heart-warming vocals.

"Don't Need to be Them" is the one, a killer, killer track that pulls you straight into the quintet's uplifting, positive world with a shimmering spirit and catchy chorus that will be firmly imprinted in your head by it's duration (the entire record is similarly infectious) but that doesn't mean Album is a one track pony, "I Keep on Wondering" and "Busy People" couple knock-out vocal performances and melancholic lyrics with jangle guitars and machine gun percussive drums that sound so upbeat that you're propelled to sing along and think pleasant thoughts. "You Can't Make Me Make Up My Mind" is the first track I heard from the band back in 2014 but it sounds just as fresh and radiant today. I could go on but Squarespace has already deleted my first draft and I'm waffling...

Yes 2016 has been a shitter for many reasons but let The Sun Days raise one more smile before pressing the reset ahead of 2017.

The Sun Days #3 - Busy People


I'm really into this, the third track to be heard from The Sun Days forthcoming debut album (self-titled and due 5th June, it is available to pre-order via Bandcamp) and the third appearance for the Gothenburg (I'm still in love with your city after visiting last month) indie-poppers here.

"Busy People" follows the glorious, shimmering guitar melody of "You Can't Make Up My Mind" and "Don't Need To Be Them", infectious, bright and bouncy, it's smile-inducing and guaranteed to have you jumping around your room whilst swooning at the beautifully heart-warming vocals. As the band themselves say on their Facebook page, Dance or die.

The Sun Days #2 - Don't Need to be Them


Seemingly setting a trend with Luxury artists here, The Sun Days promptly follow up my Introducing post from last week with a brand new track "Don't Need To Be Them", another slice of indie-pop perfection with an uplifting, shimmering guitar melody nestling amongst warming vocals.

It makes you forget the foul, always raining weather of January 2014 and transports you to somewhere always sunny and carefree and that is just what I need right now after getting soaked to the bone yet again on my latest marathon training run.

You can download "Don't Need To Be Them" via Bandcamp now.

The Sun Days - New Music "Introducing"


Whilst I was listening to School's new track "Clouds Aside" last week I discovered this because it's released on the same label Luxury, "You Can't Make Up My Mind" by fellow Swede's The Sun Days, both the artist and song title might give you some insight in what to expect here, so if you are thinking summer laden melodies with bright, beautiful indie-pop and lovely vocals. You'd be about right.

"You Can't Make Up My Mind" is the Gothenburg quintet's debut track released last November and it instantly propels the band to the same territory as Just Handshakes and a number of other British indie-poppers, a get up out of your chair and dance track propelled by military drums, infectious jangle guitars and casio keys all wrapped around a uniquely gorgeous vocal, it immediately charms the pants of you with its smile-inducing bounce and vigour. More please.

The track is available to download via Bandcamp now.