Winter #3 - Dreaming


Sorry for the continued lack of posting here, to be honest it is likely to be the new normal. In a nutshell, what started as lack of enthusiasm and personal life activities in the early year led to continued work life stress (two jobs merged into one, that I now do both of) and time is increasingly sparse (I still have two kids) and where I used to write blogs at 1am, I now find myself not...

Anyway, that's not stopping me writing a brief word of three on this lush piece of jangle pop, "Dreaming" is by Winter, the LA dream-pop band led by Samira Winter and was released on Bandcamp a few weeks back, it's all softening vocals and delicate melody that makes you effortlessly drift off to some better place and whilst I'm here let's also feature "Wherever You Are", another stand-alone single that came out over the summer, a hazy, slow-motion beauty with swirling keys, languid guitars and caressing vocal, there's nothing not to like. Go find out for yourself below.

Winter #2 - Supreme Blue Dream


It's been a long time since I featured Winter here, two years in fact but the release of their ideally titled debut full-length Supreme Blue Dream (available now via Lollipop Records) seems like the perfect time to change that...

Led by Samira Winter's blissed-out vocal lead single "Someone Like You" sums up the hazy charm that reveals itself throughout the record, a carefree, nonchalant approach that rewards fully. Be it on the wistfully romantic beauty that is "Some Kind of Surprise" or the breathy "Strange Emotion" or the head-bopping beat of "Pretender Supreme Blue Dream offers lush, pastel-coloured goodness that can only raise your mood. 

Winter are just perfect for Summer. Go find out for yourself.

Winter - New Music "Introducing"

I'm currently getting wet in Brighton and this is the last of my pre-writes so hopefully you have a great weekend and I'll be back with a review of The Great Escape when I'm recovered next week.. The new music discoveries never stop though and today I write about Winter, a dream pop/shoegaze band from Boston led by Samira Winter, they released their first EP "Daydreaming" last December...

The four track release introduces a sound that combines a blissed-out Best Coast jangle pop sound with shimmering guitar textures and soft, dreamy vocals - basically a melting pot of everything I (and so many people) have become to love over the last four or five years.

"Daydreaming" lets you do just as the title suggests with spacey, airy vocals beautifully floating over glacial soundscapes and catchy guitars whilst the chorus will embed itself in your brain. "Bedroom Philosophies" is where the Crazy For You comparisons are most apparent, swathed in reverb and punctured drums guide honey-dripping surf pop that echoes, jangles and brings thoughts of lazy summer days effortlessly to mind. It's poppy, it's sugary sweet and it's infinitely charming.

"Nothing" is the track that most recalls the quartet's name, soft, dreamy and super-chill - luscious I think it's called. Daydreaming is available now via Bandcamp on limited CD / digital download.